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Crime Information FAQ

The Shelby County Sheriff’s is proud to offer a state of the art Web application that displays current crime report information from the Sheriff’s Office.  We are the first law enforcement agency in the State of Alabama to utilize this web based crime reporting tool that was designed specifically for public use.  This site currently only reflects crimes reported by the Shelby County Sheriff's Office - as other law enforcement agencies within the State start utilizing this service their crime information will also be integrated and reflected within the same site.  You can use this web application to view crime reports in over 400 participating law enforcement agencies across the nation.  Click below to access the application:

View Shelby County

Crime Statistics

As a user, simply enter an address or zip code of interest and click on "Get Report" to see criminal activity in a given area on an easy-to-use Google map interface. The system also offers automated location-based alerting services to notify you via email of crime alerts within a geographic range you define.  

What information is available?

We elected to categorize crime incidents into 15 general crime type categories and 21 subcategories of crime and calls for service activity, including:

  • Assault: Assault, Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Homicide
  • Proactive Policing: Community Policing, Pedestrian Stop, Vehicle Stop
  • Property Crime: Property Crime, Property Crime Commercial, Property Crime Residential
  • Quality of Life: Disorder, Liquor, Drugs
  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • Robbery (Violent)
  • Sex Offense: Sexual Assault, Other Sexual Offense
  • Theft
  • Traffic
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Theft of Vehicle
  • Other: Alarm, Arson, Death, Family Offense, Kidnapping, Missing Person, Weapons Offense, Other

Each of these terms is searchable on its own, allowing the user to determine what type of criminal activity they would like to view or be informed of via email

How do you keep victim information private?
We remove all victim identification as part of the data publishing process. In addition, we protect victim identities by converting the exact street addresses to the "block level". For example, the address "1486 Lincoln Avenue" would be mapped and displayed as "1400 block of Lincoln Avenue."

Does the system help reduce crime?
We believe providing crime information to the public in an easy to use web based tool helps community members understand their surroundings and make informed decisions to protect themselves. While it is too early to determine whether displaying this information actually reduces crime, it helps raise awareness and create stronger community policing programs that improve the connection between law enforcement and the public.


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